Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Updated: Bitcoin Cash recently underwent a hard fork - here’s what you need to know.

Trading Halt Removed

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) recently underwent a hard fork, and starting on November 15th, we halted trading while we waited for the results to pan out.  We're excited to announce the conclusion of that process, and we reopened trading at 6pm Pacific Time on Thursday, November 29th.

Bitcoin SV

The fork produced a new asset - Bitcoin SV (BSV) - which will be automatically distributed to holders of Bitcoin Cash. BCH holders are entitled to one BSV per BCH they owned on the day of the fork (November 15th). You will see this show up as a new position in your account alongside your other cryptocurrency positions, and you'll be able to trade it just like any other asset you hold.

What’s a hard fork?

A hard fork is part of the process to make improvements to a cryptocurrency's underlying software. Bitcoin Cash executes hard forks periodically, and the result is an upgraded version of Bitcoin Cash. This time, however, the hard fork resulted in a new asset being created alongside Bitcoin Cash.

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