How to Find an Investment

How do I find an investment?

Many people choose to invest in companies and industries they’re passionate about and believe will be successful in the long-term.

The reason is that when you invest in a company, you own a piece of that company. The value of your investment will depend on how that company is doing. If the company is doing well, your piece of that company becomes worth more.

So, what’s the strategy?

Step 1: Find a Company  

Think about different products and brands you can’t live without:

  • What products did you use today?
  • What stores do you visit regularly?

Talk to friends and family:

  • What industries do they work in?
  • What do they invest in and why?

Think about causes that are important to you:

  • Are there companies or industries that support these causes?

Stay up to date on the news:

  • What companies and industries are doing well?

Step 2: Do Your Research

If there’s a specific company you want to invest in, you may want to learn more about:

  • Their annual profits and losses
  • Consumer demand for their product or service
  • Their executive team

You can do some of this research on Robinhood by scrolling down on a company’s page. If what you learn gives you confidence in a company’s long-term performance, you may consider investing in it.

If there’s a specific industry that you feel has significant growth potential or room for innovation, you may consider investing in a fund. Funds (ETFs) are a great way to invest in an industry or group of companies at once.

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