Transfer Stocks to Your Robinhood Account

Asset_1.png A stock transfer is Robinhood’s version of “ACATS” (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service). This means that we support the transfer of stocks from your previous brokerage account to your Robinhood account, and vice versa.


Before You Begin

  • We support individual, non-retirement, U.S. equity-only accounts.
  • We can’t accept inbound options positions transfers.
  • We can’t accept accounts with a negative equity balance (before or after the outbound ACATS fee), or accounts with assets we don’t support.
  • We only support full account transfers into Robinhood at this time.
  • If you have a stock plan account, we suggest contacting your old brokerage to ensure those shares can be transferred.

How to Transfer Stock to Robinhood


  1. Tap the Account icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Banking.
  3. Tap Stock Transfer.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Where to Find Your Account Number

You can usually find your account number on your old brokerage account statement. If you have trouble finding your number, please contact your old brokerage for assistance.

You can find your Robinhood account number in your mobile app:

  1. Tap the Account icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Your account number will be at the top of your screen.

Fees for Transferring Stock

We don’t charge any fees for inbound transfers; however, your old brokerage may charge you a fee. For your first transfer into Robinhood, we’ll cover any fees charged by your old brokerage.

Please Note: If you’re transferring stock from Robinhood to an outside brokerage, there is a $75 fee.

Fractional Shares

Fractional shares can’t be transferred via ACATS. If you attempt to transfer fractional shares, they’ll be left at your other brokerage for liquidation. Once the fractional positions are liquidated, your former brokerage will send over the cash proceeds in a residual transfer. 

Cost Basis

Your cost basis will stay the same for tax purposes, and it won’t change when you transfer your shares. We’ll display the cost basis as though you purchased the stocks in your Robinhood account, but your cost basis for tax purposes won’t display in the app.

Inbound ACATS Timeline

It usually takes five to seven trading days for your assets to land in your Robinhood account. Delays can occur if we need to return unsupported assets to your previous brokerage.

Leveraged Accounts

We don’t accept leveraged accounts at this moment. You can make your account ready for transfers by deleveraging prior to initiating the stock transfer.  

We recommend reaching out to your other brokerage if you plan on transferring your Robinhood account while borrowing funds. Some brokerages may accept leveraged accounts. 

Robinhood’s DTC Number

Our DTC number is 6769.

Apex Clearing’s DTC Number

Apex’s DTC number is 0158.

Note: This is the DTC number of our clearing partner, Apex. You can see which entity your account is cleared through–Robinhood or Apex–by checking your most recent account statement.

Residual Transfers

If you’re still receiving dividends or other payments to your old brokerage account for stocks you’ve already transferred, these payments may be automatically swept in a residual transfer to your new brokerage account. Please submit a ticket if you have specific questions about residual transfers in your account.

Reclaim Transfers

Reclaim stock transfers occur when your old brokerage sends too many assets. These assets are returned to your old account after the other brokerage submits a reclaim request. This may happen when a corporate action occurs while your transfer is pending. Please submit a ticket if you have specific questions about reclaim transfers in your account.  

Non-ACATS Transfers

We don’t support non-ACATS transfers. Please don’t request stock delivery using any method other than ACATS, including DTC and transfer agent transfers.


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