Robinhood Community Standards

Personal Safety

No direct threats: We don’t allow the use of mean or violent language. We also don’t allow threats of any kind. This includes any language that promotes self-injury or harm.

No bullying: We don’t allow the use of shameful or degrading language.

Respectful Behavior

No hate speech: We don’t allow conversations that directly attacks an individual or group of people based on their race, religion, gender, ethnicity, disability, political views, or sexual orientation.

No spam: We don’t allow posts that share misleading information, solicit social media followers, or posts that promote a brand or company. We also don’t allow posting links of any kind.  

No impersonation: We don’t allow impersonation of any groups, individuals, or organizations.

Protection and Security

No sharing personal or account information: We don’t allow customers to post any personal information about themselves, or others. This includes sharing blockchain addresses.  

No soliciting transactions: We don’t allow language that solicits a transaction of cryptocurrencies, other goods or services.

No market manipulation: We don’t allow posts that manipulate the markets in an artificial way.

No discussing stocks or options: We don’t allow any discussion about equities. This includes any trading strategies related to equities.

Personal Privacy

Only what you choose to post can be viewed by the Robinhood Feed community. We'll never share your information or post without your permission.

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