Why was my order rejected?

There are a number of reasons why your stock order could’ve been canceled or rejected:

  • Your order was routed to one of our executing brokers that can’t accept orders for a particular stock: In this case, simply reenter the order, and one of our stock brokers will make sure it gets routed appropriately. If you continue to experience issues, please send us a note.
  • Your order is outside the bid/ask threshold: If you place an order for a stock that exceeds Nasdaq’s price threshold, your order may be canceled during a risk check. This could happen if you place a sell order that’s much higher than what customers are paying, or a buy order that’s much lower than what customers are selling for.    
  • You incorrectly placed a stop order: A stop order converts to a market order or a limit order once the stock reaches your stop price. However, if you set a stop order for a stock at its current price, we’ll reject your order. Additionally if you set a stop order which would execute immediately (e.g. a buy stop order below the current market price, or a sell stop order above the current market price), we’ll reject your order.
  • The stock executed a split: If a stock undergoes a reverse split, we’re required to cancel all open orders.
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