Withdraw Money From Your Robinhood Account

Quickly initiate a withdrawal from your Robinhood account to your bank account.

iOS Android Web

To transfer your funds to your bank account on your iOS app:

  1. Tap the Account icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Banking.
  3. Tap Transfer to Your Bank.
  4. Choose the bank account you’d like to transfer to.
  5. Enter the deposit.
  6. Tap Submit



Note: You can withdraw up to $50,000 per business day from your Robinhood account. 

Withdrawal Rules

Withdrawal Holding Period

Before you can withdraw your uninvested funds, your deposits need to stay in your account for a minimum of five trading days. On the sixth day, your uninvested funds will go into the cash you have available for withdrawal.

This withdrawal holding period is for anti-money-laundering and risk-management purposes.

Keep In Mind

Weekends and some U.S. holidays don’t count as trading days.

Settlement Period

Following a sale, your funds need to “settle” before you can withdraw them to your bank account. The settlement period is the trade date plus two trading days (T+2), sometimes  referred to as regular-way settlement. On the third day, those funds will go into your buying power, and, assuming your withdrawal holding period has passed, funds will appear as withdrawable cash.

Keep In Mind

Weekends and some U.S. holidays don’t count as trading days.

Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Withdrawal Requirements

In order to comply with anti-money laundering guidelines, you can only withdraw funds to the original account from which they were deposited. Funds must stay in your account for at least 60 days before you’re able to initiate a withdrawal to a different bank account.

If the original account is closed, we can initiate a transfer to another bank account for you, provided we receive the following information:

  • A photo of your government issued ID.
  • Bank statements showing that you're the account holder of the linked bank accounts.
  • Bank statement showing that your original bank account is closed.  
  • Amount and bank account that you would like to transfer to.

Please submit a ticket with this information and we’ll happily initiate your transfer.


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