Close My Account

Need to close your account?

We can help you with that. Simply send us a note and a representative will reach out within five business days.

Please be sure you’ve completed the following steps before you reach out to close your account:

  • Sell all your positions
  • Withdraw the balance back to your bank account


  • Submit a request to another brokerage to have your assets transferred out of Robinhood. If you transfer all of your assets out, we’ll close your Robinhood account for you.

You’ll still be able to retrieve your account statements, tax documents, and trade confirmations in your app. Re-downloading the Robinhood app will not reactivate your account.

Please keep in mind, regulations require us to preserve certain books and records. We take the security of all collected data very seriously, and we don’t intend to use this data for anything beyond the fulfillment of our regulatory requirements.

We’d be sad to see you go, but we hope you’ve enjoyed the commission-free investing experience!

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