Using Cash Versus Gold Buying Power

You only start using your Gold Buying Power only once you’ve fully invested the cash in your account. This means that even if you’ve upgraded to Robinhood Gold, if you still have some cash that’s not invested in stock, you won’t use Gold Buying Power.

Once you’ve bought your first shares with Gold Buying Power, we’ll update your account settings to show what percentage of the total value of stocks came from Gold Buying Power. 


You have $3,000 in your account: $2,800 in stocks and $200 in cash. You upgrade to Robinhood Gold and receive $2,000 of Gold Buying Power. Now, you buy $1,000 of stock.

You’ll have used $800 of Gold Buying Power because we’ll use your $200 of cash towards the purchase of the new stocks before we apply your Gold Buying Power.

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