Gold Buying Power

Gold Buying Power is the money Robinhood Financial lends you so you can invest more in the stocks* you love.

You can invest more, and keep any profits. It also gives you flexibility with your cash: if you see an opportunity in the market and want to invest more, you can invest without depositing from your bank. And if you need to withdraw some cash from your account for day-to-day spending, you can use Gold Buying Power to keep the stocks you’ve got without having to sell.


Robinhood Gold is a margin account, so there are additional risks and responsibilities you should be aware of.

Buying stocks using margin amplifies the gains and losses in your portfolio. This means the more Gold Buying Power you use, the more your portfolio value will fluctuate as the value of your investments changes. You can keep any profits, but you’ll be responsible for any losses.

We’ve built Robinhood Gold to help protect you from these additional risks by including checks and notifications to keep you informed about the health of your account.


*You can’t buy options or cryptocurrencies with Gold Buying Power.

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