Using Your Watchlist and Cards

Asset_20.png You can create a customized stock and cryptocurrency watchlist to track the assets that mean the most to you.


Add a Stock or Cryptocurrency to Your Watchlist


iOS Android Web

To add a stock or cryptocurrency to your Watchlist on your iOS app:

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Type in the name or symbol of the stock or cryptocurrency.
  3. Tap the Add symbol.


Remove a Stock or Cryptocurrency From Your Watchlist


iOS  Android Web

To remove a stock or cryptocurrency from your Watchlist on your iOS mobile app:

  1. Scroll down to your Watchlist on the Investing tab.
  2. Swipe left on the specific stock or cryptocurrency.
  3. Tap the red Delete button.


Reorder the Assets in your Watchlist

You can reorder the stocks in your Watchlist on your mobile app by tapping and holding the stock, then dragging it down to a new position in your Watchlist.

You can’t, however, reorder the asset types in your Watchlist. Cryptocurrencies you’re watching will appear first, followed by your options contracts and stocks.


Cards instantly surface relevant information, tailored specifically to you. In your Cards you’ll find:

  • New Features: Feature Cards alert you anytime major new features or products are added to Robinhood. You’ll receive cards that introduce and explain these new features.
  • Account Updates: Account Cards notify you of the status of transfers, orders, and dividends. This includes pending transfers, transfer completions, executed orders, scheduled dividends, and dividend payouts.
  • Market Updates: Top Movers Cards show you the day’s largest percent gains and losses following market close.
  • News Updates: Top News Cards bring you breaking news related to the financial markets. If you’re interested in reading an article, tap the card to view the article in your browser.

You can find your Cards on the Investing tab, just above your Watchlist.

Swipe left or right view your new cards each time you open your app.

Pending Orders

In your mobile app, you can view your pending market orders and limit orders for stocks. You’ll see (+) and (-) icons on the stocks in your watchlist you have pending orders for. These icons correspond to buy and sell orders respectively. You can tap on the stock like normal to view the stock’s Detail page, where the pending orders on that stock will be listed directly under the chart.

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