Instant Deposits & Settlement

With Robinhood and Robinhood Gold you have access to instant settlement and instant deposits.

I just sold a few shares. Can I reinvest the proceeds?

Yes! With Robinhood and Robinhood Gold you get instant settlement, which means you can use the proceeds from selling shares to buy something else (or the same thing) right away. This allows you to quickly rebalance your portfolio or free up some funds to capture an opportunity in the market.

When are instant bank transfers useful?

With Robinhood and Robinhood Gold you get instant deposits, so you can use the cash from a bank transfer to your Robinhood account immediately (instead of the standard 4-5 day hold). So, if you see an opportunity in the market, you capture it by increasing your buying power right away.

My full bank deposit isn’t available right away. Why?  

The instant deposit feature allows you to get up to $1000 with Robinhood and up to your tier amount with Robinhood Gold instantly. You can find examples of how this works below. 

I can’t reinvest the full proceeds from my stock sale. Why?  

You can reinvest the proceeds from selling stock immediately, unless you are trading certain “high volatility” stocks, such as leveraged ETFs and penny stocks. In these cases, you may have to wait until the following day to get access to all of your funds.

Rules established by FINRA require all brokers, including Robinhood, to create safeguards to help prevent rapid trading of these stocks since they tend to be riskier investments. You can see the available buying power for each stock you are buying and whether or not it is high volatility by checking out the stock detail page.

Can I increase my Instant Deposit amount?

Yes! Your instant deposit amount is the same as your Gold Tier. So, you can increase it by increasing your Robinhood Gold tier. You can change your Robinhood Gold tier at any time in the app by going to Settings > Gold > Change Tier.

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I can’t use my instant deposits?

If your deposit reverses, you will need to make another deposit to cover your purchase(s) as soon as possible. Because we allow instant buying power on the good faith that your transfers will go through, you won’t have access to instant buying power for at least 30 days after a transfer reversal. Learn more about transfer reversals here.


The following examples are designed to help you understand how instant deposits work. All examples assume you’ve selected the $2,000 tier of Robinhood Gold.

Example 1

You initiate a $2,000 deposit on Monday, which is available for trading instantly. When your deposit completes on Friday, you initiate another $2,000 deposit, which is also available for trading instantly.

Example 2

You initiate a $2,500 deposit on Monday. $2,000 of your deposit is available for trading instantly, and the remaining $500 is available on Friday when your deposit clears.

Example 3

You initiate a $1,000 deposit on Monday, a $1,000 deposit on Tuesday, and a $1,000 on Thursday. Your Monday and Tuesday deposits are available for trading instantly, and your Thursday deposit is available for trading on Friday once your Monday deposit completes.


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