Securities Affiliate Employees

You may be considered a securities-affiliated person if:

  • You associate with or are employed by FINRA, a stock exchange, or a FINRA member firm.
  • You are the spouse of a securities-affiliated person.
  • You are the dependent of a securities-affiliated person.

 If you fit into any of the categories listed above, you must obtain a written letter of approval from your compliance officer (or your family member’s) before trading with your Robinhood account  in accordance with FINRA Rule 3050. The document must be written and signed by the chief compliance officer of the affiliated person on company letterhead and explicitly grant you permission to open a Robinhood account. A request for duplicate account statements and trade confirms may also be included in the letter.

If you are uncertain about your affiliation status, please ask your firm's compliance or human resources officer.

 Control Person

To be considered a ‘control person’, you must be a director or policy maker of a publicly traded company or own at least 10% of a publicly traded company’s stock. If you or one of your immediate family members meet one or both of these requirements, additional documentation and/or restrictions may apply to security sales in your brokerage account.


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