Signing Up For Robinhood


To open up a brokerage account with Robinhood, customers must first submit an application. After you submit your account application, one of two things may happen:

1) Account application is verified and approved automatically -- you will receive an email and notification within an hour of submission.

2) Some of your provided information needs additional verification or manual check by a Robinhood representative. This can occur if you have any typos in your application or a limited credit history, and we’ll email you if this happens. In some cases, this may cause the account approval process to take up to five trading days.

Please note that queued bank transfers will not be initiated until your application is approved.

Questions During Signup

Robinhood is required to perform anti-money-laundering checks on new accounts. These checks exist to protect the U.S. markets and economy from known money launderers or individuals associated with terrorist activities. Robinhood is required by law to send money market documents by mail.

Robinhood is required to ask every new customer if they are employed by or affiliated with another securities firm, or in an executive position at a publicly traded company. This check exists to protect the U.S. markets and economy from manipulation (e.g. insider trading). Please read here if you are affiliated with another securities firm.

As with all of your personal information, this data is transmitted securely using SSL encryption. Your bank login information, passwords, and any tokens are never cached or stored on our servers. After the bank linking process, Robinhood has no further access to a person’s bank account.

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