Introducing Robinhood for Web

What's the story behind Robinhood for Web?

As we aim to democratize access to financial markets, Robinhood for Web is our first product geared towards helping investors make more informed financial decisions. Robinhood for Web includes brand-new research and discovery tools currently exclusive to the web product, as well as familiar features from the mobile experience. 


Who has access to Robinhood for Web?

Because we're intent on giving our users the best possible experience, we've launched Robinhood for Web to a small beta group while we continue to make improvements and add features. And while we're working, we invite you to join our waitlist to be one of the first users to get access to the wider release, which is expected early 2018. 


What's new in Robinhood for Web?


Discover new stocks through Collections, organized by sectors such as "Gas and Oil," "Entertainment," and "Social Networks," as well as curated Collections of stocks such as 2017 IPOs and Female CEOs. All Collections are interactive and easily sortable by a number of factors to allow side-by-side comparisons.


Price Paid

For each stock, view the average share price other Robinhood investors bought at as well as the current share price. This aggregated data serves as a reference point for investors thinking about entering a position.

People Also Bought

Scroll through a list of stocks Robinhood investors also bought in addition to individual stocks. This feature helps surface competitors, suppliers, and more. 

Analyst Ratings

View buy, sell, and hold ratings from Wall Street experts and read commentary from Morningstar analysts.


Review earnings information such as EPS hits or misses going back eight quarters, upcoming and expected EPS, as well as listen to live earnings calls.  

News and Fundamentals

Read the latest headlines and market coverage in a personalized newsfeed, and glance at company fundamentals such as Market Cap, Price-Earnings Ratio, Volume, and more.

Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

Robinhood for Web supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 and above; and works on both Macs and PCs. 

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