It didn’t work for me. Why is that?

Make sure that your friend signed up by tapping on your link. You can confirm whether your friend used your link by going to the past invites screen.

If you signed up with your friend’s link, you will be able to see your free stock on your history screen.

If you think there was a mistake, please contact support with your username, your friend's username, and an indication of who referred whom. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to credit everyone who didn’t sign up with the link.

I got a notification saying my free stock is ready. How do I claim my reward?

Once your free stock is ready we will send you a notification to claim your reward. If you forget to tap on the notification, you can always claim your reward by navigating to the history screen or the past invites screen. If you don’t claim the reward for 60 days, your reward will expire.

If you’re not able to claim your reward, update your app and try again. Please contact support if this does not work.

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